The List Of African Tribes Who Are Descendants Of The Hebrew Israelite Nation By Nana

One thing that never ceases to amaze me is how many different theories there are in regards to what happened to the lost tribes of Israel. I have read that it is quite difficult to pinpoint African-American's original lineage due to the forced interracial of the Caucasian (white) slave owners for reason of breeding slaves. True Yah-wism is the religion of believing ‘True Israelites.' The Yahudeans (all residents) of Jerusalem, who did not listen or heed to the prophecy of the Messiah's warning of the coming destruction, were not saved (delivered).

For her, the worst comes from the bondage of debt, of course.” But the Israelites, she says, had an answer. The Assyrians conquered and relocated the Israelites of the Northern Kingdom into what is now known as Iraq, Iran, and Kuwait. Remember, it's not just knowledge they need; the Hebrew Israelites need to see authentic love, joy, peace, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, self-control and patience.

45,000 persons, their elemental composition is from a number of Israelite tribes - especially the tribes of Dan, Judah, Naphtali, Simeon, and Benjamin. The literature you have been reading is the kind of material which has been used to justify the enslaving of black Africans.

Reject the House of Windsor's ANTI-Covenant and therefore unlawful legislation (Deuteronomy 4:2), by all means possible, but do not reject your birthright as Israelites and British people, with YOUR own emblem the War Queen of Ireland, with Trident and Olive Twig - Teia Tephi.

God does not say what Black Hebrew Israelites say God says. Physically, the area called Palestine would be unable to support the vast number of people who now descend from True Israel. YEHOVAH God did not wish His "Chosen People" to mix with the Canaanites (or any other non-Israelite race, for that matter), thereby coming under a curse.

BEHOLD NOW, I KNOW THAT THOU ART A FAIR WOMAN ” _ KNOWING THAT YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, I REALISE THAT YOUR BEAUTY IS NOW A SOURCE OF DANGER, PARTICULARLY SINCE THE EGYPTIAN ARE DARK-SKINNED AND UGLY ”. Despite this comment having some racial discrimination and ridiculous comment, but the point here is the fact that the Rabbi Has stated that the EGYPTIANS WERE BLACK PEOPLE (having a black skin race and a person belonging to a dark skinned race).

While Chaldean magicians might have convinced the Babylonian captives to hold a special name for God as sacred-mantric-magic, those Israelites in Alexandria since the Assyrian purge would not have been influenced by that. So by every measure, this publication is NOT anti-Semitic at all - quite the contrary - it is completely PRO-Semitic in championing the rights of the true Hebrew Israelites.

You see I did extensive research on this topic as a result of the Quran speaking about the Israelite's often, I was curious who these people actually were and it's mentioned explicitly they are 'cursed' even in the bible that goes a lot further in this, which I again quoted for you god's chosen people with reference.

These patriarchs include a former runaway slave named William Saunders Crowdy, who gained a following in the 1890s, teaching that blacks were the lost sheep of Israel” and that they should return to the ancient ways of the Hebrews as described in the bible.

One of these replacement ideologies, however, that has crept up quietly and is becoming popular throughout Kansas City in particular, is that of the Black Hebrew Israelites”. The way God brings into being the true Israel is, finally by sending his Son, Jesus Christ, as the true Seed of Abraham, the true Son of David, and, in a profound sense, the true Israel himself.

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